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Tunevu Service Platform

Decode libraries that
translate the coded
message into action

Tunevu Product

Feature rich and integrated

Mobile Apps
Instant app-based
interactivity, voting &
polling on any mobile

Audio Code

Show identification & sync
with real time interactivity


Passive behavioural
research within mobile
apps & analytics.

Branding Ads &

Reinforce brand loyalty & promotions through On-Air advertising breaks.


In-App advertising, and mobile Ad partnerships.

Social Media

TV & Radio program bookmarking & sharing through social media


Extend product placement &advertising to mobile apps
Timing Matters
Tune In View
Cloud Platform
Social Media

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 How does Tunevu Work?         

How Does Tunevu Works?

Tunevu encodes broadcast media which through any audio system enables a mobile phone or Second Screen device to interact with the primary medium and delivering your audience directly to a secondary medium of the broadcaster’s choice. It is easy to deploy, synchronized and easy to use providing consumers with a simple, fun and safe application. It is the bridge between broadcast media and mobile devices providing true “Tune In View” engagement.

With Tunevu, watching television or listening to the radio need not be a one dimensional experience. The primary goal of almost every content platform is discovery. Build a passionate following and engage directly with your audience through a branded profile. Extend programs and ads to allow listeners to get specials offers and more information. Let them view and engage with what they are watching and listening to.

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Interact & Engage

Discover new ways to immerse your audiences within your programs. Be visual. Visual is how people are most likely to attach attention. Yes, it can be done in radio as well. The more relevant the visuals, the more significant the “tune in.” Make sharing your TV and radio shows relevant, personal and produce an impact in the “now”. Delve them into visual content instantaneously with what is being played, run live polls, trivia, commentary, draws and campaigns. Then allow them to participate in those new discoveries or cache them in a snap. Do that in real-time, and broadcasters win in a real-way.

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